Contribution Guidelines: Series

What constitutes a series?
A series is simply a container for comics of the same name and volume on League of Comic Geeks. That can include a mini-series, maxi-series, ongoing series, a group of collected editions, graphic novels, or even a one-shot.  
  • Every comic must be in a series. 
  • One-shots must be separated if they differ in name. For example: New Year's Evil: Darkseid and New Year's Evil: Nemesis. These must be two separate series, never combined into one based on the story name.
  • Title should be based on the indicia.
  • Some exceptions occur for the health of our database, including series titles that may be incredibly long or difficult to find/remember.
  • Volume indicators (Vol. 1) should not be in the series name (some exceptions may occur if it is very clearly shown as part of the covers and marketing efforts and in very large text)
  • Leading articles (A, An or The) should be included.
  • Spaces are required around a slash ( / ).
  • Series titles should never be listed in all caps, except for acronyms.
  • Title case formatting should be utilized. Essentially, you should capitalize all words in titles except a, an, the, at, by, for, in, of, on, to, up, and, as, but, or, and nor.
  • An author's name should not be in the title unless they're not involved in the series in any capacity.
  • Volume count refers to the specific iteration of this series. Not the amount of volumes/issues within the series. 
  • Eg. A second series/renumbering of "The Flash" carrying the same series name will need a Volume of "2".
  • If there is a subtitle or differing name, it is no longer the same volume.
  • If there is no second volume of a series, the first one should not have a volume number ("0").
Date Range:
  • Year Begin is based on the first original issue's date of release.
  • Year End is based on the last original issue's date of release.
Story Synopsis:
  • A story synopsis is a short introduction to the story of the series.
  • The publisher's official synopsis is preferred.
  • Publication notes should not be included.

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