Contribution Guidelines: Creators

Name changes are not permitted as they are likely already submitted in some form within the database. If you find misspellings alongside the correct name, please merge the misspelled creator with the correct creator.

When a person uses two initials and a last name, a space should be inserted between the initials. A space also should be inserted between the last initial and the last name:
P. G. Wodehouse
D. L. Sayers
But, no space between two-letter abbreviations (i.e., U.S., P.O.)

Short Bio
Describe the creator and his works as succinctly as possible. It is imperative that their biographies are accurate at all times, so avoid using phrases such as "currently writing X, Y, Z.". 

In-Depth Bio
This area may be used to discuss the creator's life, career, etc.

Primary Photo:
A photo of the creator's face and head.
  • Please use a photo that showcases their face/head within at least 70% of the space (ideal for smaller thumbnails). The less their face is covered, the better.
  • Forward-facing angles are preferred.
  • Do not use a photo with text on it.
  • 400x400 is the minimum size for the photo.
  • Professional headshots work best, but we do prefer if they're not black and white.

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