Contribution Guidelines: Characters

Who should be listed as a character?
Any character rooted in fiction that plays a significant role and/or appears for more than 2 issues. Real-life people are not necessary in this database at this time. Not unless they have a dramatically different usage.

Baseline Character:
Every character or identity has a baseline character. This is the "person". As a person, they can exist with multiple "personas". Like Dick Grayson as Robin or Nightwing. Dick Grayson is the baseline character.
  • We use the baseline name as the core of a character, generally the real name.
  • Do not use middle names.
  • For characters that were married later in their history, do not use the new last name, unless it becomes the name they're primarily known as.
  • If there are multiple real names such as Kal-El and Clark Kent, one must be chosen - preferably the character's preferred or common name. 
  • Truncate the real name to how they're most often referred to. The full real names can be listed in the separate Real Name field (coming soon).
  • If there is no real name, the field can be left blank or the Persona can be entered (eg. Joker)
  • Leading articles (A, An or The) should NOT be included.
  • Quotes, special characters (accents, etc.) are not permitted.
  • Military ranks (Captain, Major, Lieutenant, etc.) should NOT be included with their real names.
  • Do not enter the universe of a character in their name outside of main DC/Marvel universes that have not been added.
A persona is a very clear, unique identity for the baseline character. Many characters have one or more personas like Dick Grayson as Robin or Nightwing. Robin and Nightwing are individual personas.
  • Leading articles (A, An or The) should NOT be included. 
  • Personas should never be listed in CAPS, unless it is an acronym and is still used as an acronym (eg. OMAC).
  • Titles are not personas, unless they drastically alter the character (Ms. Marvel vs Captain Marvel). Any existing titles will later be mapped to alternate names/titles (an upcoming feature).
  • Body-switching, disguises, mind-control/switching, infected / zombie-fied or other temporary shenanigans should not be included as a persona.
  • Personas of a character must be of the same universe; for example, The Batman Who Laughs is not associated to Bruce Wayne (Prime Earth).
  • Personas must have existed for more than one issue.
Key Issues:
In order to maintain some semblance of consistency and quality, we're only focused on very clear Key Issues to cut down on clutter.
  • A First Appearance must be related to the specific persona (or base, if not a persona).
  • Keys for DC Comics characters must be with their respective Earth/timeline. Eg. Batman (Prime Earth) first appeared in Flashpoint #5.
Short Bio:
The Short Bio should summarize who the character is without referring to publication history.
  • Keep it short. Roughly shorter than 6 sentences / 2 paragraphs.
  • Focus on describing the character as effectively as possible within the first two sentences.
  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
Character History:
The Character History covers the character's publishing history and storylines. Think of it as an extended bio.
  • The Character History can include headers on various topics.
  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated.  
Primary Photo:
A photo of the character's face and head.
  • For the baseline character, please use a photo of them out of costume without powers being used if possible.
  • Persona photos may not match the baseline character photo.
  • Please use a photo that showcases their face/head within at least 70% of the space (ideal for smaller thumbnails). The less their face is covered, the better.
  • Forward-facing angles are preferred.
  • Do not use photos with word bubbles or text.
  • 400x400 is the minimum size for the photo.
  • The image must be from comic books - not movies or animation.
  • When replacing an existing image:
     - Modern "looks" are preferred, but other caveats apply below:
     - Simplistic art styles may not be approved.  
     - Low quality images will not be approved. 
     - If drastically different than the previous appearance, the "modern look" must have been used for six or more issues.

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