Contribution Guidelines: Issues


  • Capitalization: ALL CAPS submissions will be disapproved. 
  • Collected editions: Please do not add commas ahead of the volume, for example: "Batman, Vol. 2"
  • Format in titles: For the time being, we require the format in the title, such as "HC", "TP", "GN", or "OGN".
  • Volumes in titles: Please do not submit "1" for the title. It must be formatted "Vol. 1 HC", "Vol. 1. TP", or "Vol. 1 OGN".
  • Cover A titles: Please do not put Cover A or Main Cover, it should be simply the title and issue number, eg. "Batman #1"
  • Variant titles: Please include Variant or Cover within the name. Acceptable formatting for variants include
    - Cover B
    - Cover C Lee
    - Lee Variant
    - Variant Edition

Release Date

  • Date origination: We utilize the first publication release date where possible. For older titles with unknown first publication release dates, a cover date will suffice.

Page Count

  • We do not include covers in the page count. (4 pages total).
  • Page count should include story pages, pin-up pages, text/letter pages, ads, and blank pages.


  • Formatting: Prices should be entered with two decimal points (Eg. 3.95 and 1.00)
  • Currency: Pricing is listed as USD. You do not need to enter in the dollar sign ($). 
  • Free Comics: Free comics should be listed with 0.00 as the Price.


  • A synopsis should be a brief summary of the comic's plot, preferably the official one provided in solicitations.
  • Spoilers are not permitted.
  • Point-by-point recaps of the issue are not permitted.
  • Quotes from publications or other authors are not permitted, regardless of their origin (such as the publisher).
  • Story Arcs or Issue Titles are permitted at the top of the synopsis with the following formatting (without quotations):
  • The Butterfly Effect, Part 1 of 2: Everything or Nothing
  • Verse V: Panic on the Streets of London
  • Civil War, Part 1: Never Again


  • Creators: The "Creator" credit should only be used to indicate a Creator of a franchise that is not currently involved in the title and it is a limited run. It should not be used for character creators to avoid excessive tagging.
  • Clive Barker should be listed as a Creator for Clive Barker's ___ titles.
  • Jim Henson should be listed as a Creator for Jim Henson's The Storyteller and similar titles.
  • Robert E. Howard should not be listed as a Creator for Conan titles.
  • Bob Kane should not be listed as a Creator for Batman titles.
  • Artists: Artist is intended to encompass Pencillers and Inkers, and sometimes Colorists. Only select Artist if they do Pencils, Inks, and perhaps another role. Only use the Artist credit if the issue specifically refers to them as such or it is uncertain. Do not use it with the specific credits.
  • Cover Artist: Cover Artist is intended as the primary Penciller. Inkers, Colorists, Designers, etc. should not be marked as Cover Artists or Variant Cover Artists.


  • Minimum Width: Cover images should be at least 400 pixels wide. If no other image can be found for the cover, a smaller one will suffice. 
  • Max Width: There is currently no maximum width, however the Contribution form may time out for extremely large images. So it is recommended to keep it between 300 and 900 pixels wide.
  • Watermarks: Cover images without watermarks are preferred.
  • UPCs: Cover images should include their UPCs/barcodes if they are displayed on the front. If there's a Newsstand and Direct Edition - the Direct Edition should be the main cover. The Newsstand Edition should be listed as the Variant.
  • Front/Back: Cover images should only include the front side of a comic, regardless of how the artwork is presented. Even if it is a Wraparound Cover.

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